Anxiety Comes in Many Forms

Anxiety and stress can affect how we perceive reality. We all react to our “imagined reality” of a situation, not the “reality” of it. Imagined reality is our perception of something. If you think that people are thinking negatively about you, you react as if they are in fact thinking negatively about you. This is your “imagined reality.” Of course, unless your name is “The Amazing Kreskin”, or people begin walking around with “thought bubbles” above their heads, you can’t actually read minds. If you believe that you know that something will turn out badly, you will behave accordingly. This too is your “imagined reality.” Again, unless you happen to have a working Crystal Ball or Time Machine, then you don’t really know what will happen in the future. Being able to differentiate between “reality” and “imagined reality” is a very useful skill when trying to manage anxiety.

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