Willpower and Self Control

Looking at a surprisingly high credit card balance, people wish for willpower. After eating that extra piece of cake, people wish for more willpower. After spending so much time on-line that work projects suffer, people wish for self-control.  There are many situations in our daily lives that would benefit from willpower and self-control.

There certainly are benefits to what we call willpower or self-control. Those who rate high get better grades in school have higher self-esteem, more financial stability, better and longer-lasting relationships, less substance abuse.  Psychology has been studying self-control for the last 25 years. Unfortunately, much of the information has not gotten out of the lab.

Today, what we know about self-control is growing. We know your willpower will decrease when you are tired of getting sick. How often have you gone home after a long day at work to eat more than you intended or spent the evening in front of the TV instead of paying bills? Improving self-control includes learning to plan for small energy bursts like a small, reasonable snack when you know you are tired.  Or planning your toughest tasks when you are most refreshed. Other things that help willpower are meditation, exercise, monitoring, and distraction strategies.

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