I sometimes hear parents lament about Kids and the Anti Work Ethic. I reflect on the wonderful lifestyle parents worked so hard to provide for their children, and how they may have inadvertently taught their children that they don’t have to work too hard to be entitled to the good life.

Many sources are referring to today’s group of young adults as the “Entitled Generation”. Low work ethic and a belief that they should just be paid because they came to the job are common. Young workers may spend more time texting on their cell phones than focusing on their work. These same employees lament miserable bosses when they are fired. Then the 20 somethings spend several years collecting unemployment and enjoying their days playing video games. While many young adults report that they expect to have fewer opportunities than their parents, I have to wonder if they are content to accept a lower standard of life.

Good parenting sometimes requires parents to be “not nice”. Loving parents who give their children everything they want – all with wonderful intentions, may accidentally not give their children what they need. Kids do need to learn to do chores, reflect on their own culpability when they forget homework (and do an after school detention) rather than having parents push teachers to make an accommodation. Giving kids a taste of the “tough stuff” may give them the ability to take responsibility for their actions and to work hard for what they want. Aren’t those the exact qualities that got their parents so far in life? To learn more about parenting, go to https://www.specializedtherapy.com/specialized_therapy_services/parenting_skills.php

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