Every day I hear TV and radio personalities complaining about how the politicians in this country have broken their promises. Another election is coming up and everyone is focusing again on campaign promises and what platform the next candidate will take.

I wonder how often everyday promises are broken. The same man who complains that the president had not honored his commitments seems to have no problem reneging on a commitment to his wife. Or putting off an activity he planned with his kids for the sake of work. He doesn’t see that his own lack of follow-through on promises hurts his family. Or his wife neglects to pick up the groceries she promised she would get for the party, complaining that she was just too busy with the kids. Doesn’t she see that these consistently broken promises can lead to a broken marriage?

Our president loses ratings when he does not follow through on his commitments. Why are people surprised when their spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends, or children leave them after year upon year of broken promises and poor follow through on commitments. You don’t maintain a positive view of anyone in a relationship like that.

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