I loved the song with the refrain “Don’t text me back, pick up your phone”. Far too many young adults attempt to carry on a conversation through texting and end up with miscommunication and misunderstanding.

Communication can be a complex and difficult proposition when we are face to face. How do you infer the intention behind a comment? How do you understand the purpose of a request? What does the facial expression, body language, and voice tone tell? How many texters are aware that 85% of what we understand in a conversation is NOT verbal? While JK-LOL may be the short form for a longer face-face “I was just kidding” at least being on the phone gives everyone a better opportunity to clarify what was meant, to avoid hurt feelings and unintended insults.

In order to learn to be a better communicator and improve your ability to get your message across – don’t text back, at least pick up the phone! Excelling at communication involves more than just the words that are said. To learn more about effective communication, go to https://www.specializedtherapy.com/specialized_therapy_services/relationship_programs.php

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