Laughter is truly the greatest and most universal form of communication we as a species use on a daily basis. We all laugh. There are numerous physical and emotional benefits of laughing. It decreases levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Laughter increases endorphins and strengthens the immune system. A good laugh can also reduce blood pressure and blood sugar. Laughter provides relief from pain because of the release of endorphins and it’s ability to distract us. It can elevate our pain threshold as well.

Laughter is the Key to Feeling Better

Humor offers us a way to control and reduce stress. It can be cathartic to laugh. The release of tension resulting from laughter is something that is free and accessible to us at any moment. When we laugh with other people oxytocin is released which helps create and build strong bonds between people. If you cannot recall the last time you really laughed, this can be a sign of stress, depression, or just overall dissatisfaction with life.

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