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Try to Get Enough Sleep? : Glymphatic System

Actually, glia and lymphatic equal glymphatic, the name for the system in the brain that Dr. Maiken Nedergaard discovered in 2012. In contrast, we’ve known about the lymphatic system since the seventeenth century. The lymphatic system extends throughout the body. Most of the body’s organs remove dead cells and metabolic waste products using this system. […]

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What’s love got to do with it?: Love and Dopamine

How much do you think about the future? How much do you care about the future? Understanding a bit about how dopamine, one of the neurotransmitters in our brain, influences our behavior can help us understand our changing experience in a romantic relationship. In the book, The Molecule of More, authors Daniel Lieberman, M.D. and […]

Dealing With Your Child’s Boredom During Covid-19

Time weighs heavy on our hands. Everyone is bored with the restrictions we are observing during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Of course, social distancing and staying home are the right things to do. And we don’t even know how much longer all of the restrictions will stay in place. If you as a parent are bored, […]

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What Exactly is CBD?

There are many videos on YouTube about CBD or cannabidiol. For those who want to read a book about what is CBD, the one to get is called CBD A Patient’s Guide to Medicinal Cannabis. It was released in 2017 and offers the website www.CVD-book.com/Updates to obtain exactly that. The authors are Leonard Leinow, who […]

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The Inflamed Mind

The book The Inflamed Mind, by Edward Bullmore, a London psychiatrist, published in 2018, explains how inflammation may be the cause of depression. He reminds us that research has never proven that a deficit of serotonin is the cause of depression. A biomarker is a measurement of a biological function or a biochemical in a […]

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The Gift of Fear

In the book The Gift of Fear, author Gavin De Becker explains his counterintuitive title. He describes how we register a sense of fear intuitively in a situation that presents a potential danger. Too often people discount this feeling by telling themselves that everything is OK when it isn’t. The book offers sad examples of […]

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Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness

Mindfulness has been shown by researchers to strengthen body awareness, boost attention and increase the ability to regular emotions. Mindfulness teachers recommend it to us as a healthy way to experience the world and ourselves.

At the same time, prevalence rates for trauma are high. As pointed out by David Treleaven, Ph.D. in his excellent book […]

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Money Management and Credit Card Debt

A CNBC report from 2018 indicated that the average American owes $6,375 in credit card debt while the average American household owes $16,883. Are you losing control of paying your bills? Do you have way too much credit card debt? If so, then you may be like many other people who are experiencing the stress […]

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Protecting our Children : Learn the Survival Signals

The book Protecting the Gift Keeping Children and Teenagers Safe (and Parents Sane), is by author Gavin De Becker. It is a follow-up to his prior book The Gift of Fear. In that book, De Becker told adults how to keep themselves safe in today’s world. This newer book is addressed to parents and offers […]

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Blue Mind – the healing effects of water

The Book Blue Mind

In this book Wallace Nichols tells us about the beneficial effects experienced by those who spend time in, on or near the water. Nichols is a a marine biologist and has studied sea turtles for more than two decades. Blue Mind is his term for a “mildly meditative state characterized by calm, […]

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