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Blue Mind – the healing effects of water

The Book Blue Mind

In this book Wallace Nichols tells us about the beneficial effects experienced by those who spend time in, on or near the water. Nichols is a a marine biologist and has studied sea turtles for more than two decades. Blue Mind is his term for a “mildly meditative state characterized by calm, […]

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Parenting a Child with Intense Emotions


Pat Harvey and Jeanine Penzo, both licensed clinical social workers, have a book called Parenting a Child Who Has Intense Emotions. It’s a book that I have been enthusiastically recommending to parents who are confronting this difficulty. The book teaches Dialectical Behavioral Therapy skills, established by Marsha Linehan for treating adults. These skills help parents […]

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The Pocket Guide to the Polyvagal Theory

Stephen Porges 2017 book The Pocket Guide to The Polyvagal Theory is much more readable than his comprehensive 2011 book The Polyvagal Theory. This new book is intended to offer the concepts in the earlier book to a wider audience. The concepts are particularly relevant to those clinicians involved in treating people who have suffered […]

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The book To Buy Or Not To Buy, by April Lane Benson, Ph.D., published in 2008, explains how people fall into overshopping and gives excellent advice about how to get oneself out of this unfortunate pattern. If your overshopping has damaged your relationships, your self-esteem and/or your finances, then this book is for you. It’s […]

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Fat Chance

The book Fat Chance is written by Robert Lustig, M.D. a pediatrician. He is the director of the UCSF Weight Assessment for Teen and Child Health Program, a member of the Obesity Task Force of the Endocrine Society and the president of the Institute for Responsible Nutrition. Lustig cuts through the hype often associated with […]

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Human Performance: Flow Updated

Last month’s blog looked at the concept of flow as originally described in the book Flow The Psychology of Optimal Experience, published in 1990 by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (pronounced Me-high Chick-sent-me-high). What’s happened to this idea since then? That’s where the book The Rise of Superman, written by Steven Kotler and published in 2014, comes in. […]

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Flow The Psychology of Optimal Experience

The book Flow The Psychology of Optimal Experience was first published in 1990 but I just recently caught up with it. Maybe not knowing how to pronounce the author’s name, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, kept me away. Silly, right. Well, I found out that his name is pronounced Me-high Chick-sent-me-high and now there’s no turning back.

Csikszentmihalyi had […]

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Overcoming Depersonalization

My blog last month mentioned a book entitled Overcoming Depersonalization Disorder by Fugen Neziroglu, Ph.D. and Katharine Donnelly, MA as a good place to start for getting information about coming to grips with depersonalization. Well, it’s time for this month’s blog and this is the book I want to discuss. The Foreword for this book […]

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Depersonalization Feeling Unreal

The book Feeling Unreal, by Daphne Simeon, MD and Jeffrey Abugel, is aptly named, because the word “unreal” is the key word for people suffering from depersonalization. Although depersonalization has been described in the medical literature for move than a hundred years, this book is the most definitive work on the subject and is written […]

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The Craving Mind and overcoming it with mindfulness

Judson Brewer, M.D., Ph.D. is the director of research at the Center for Mindfulness and associate professor in medicine and psychiatry at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, an adjunct professor at Yale University, a longtime meditator and has written a book called The Craving Mind. His research has shown him what leads to people […]