Understanding Personal Boundaries and Quick Tips

What are Personal Boundaries? The limits and rules we set for ourselves and within relationships, to protect our well-being Knowing our limits in a given situation, knowing what’s acceptable to us,  and what isn’t Knowing our values Having self-respect, meaning acknowledging our needs, not just another person’s Having respect for others, not being self-serving Being [...]

Self Empowerment: An Achievable Goal

Clients sometimes make comments like, “How do I empower myself? I don’t even know how to go about healing. How do I start?” Self-empowerment is a path towards setting goals and strengthening and developing oneself. It requires taking personal responsibility and having a belief in an internal locus of control where one has the power [...]

Managing Anger, not letting it manage you

Strategies for managing anger are not “quick fixes” but a deep and meaningful process to use overtime to address the pain and hurt underneath anger. Often individuals feel relief from anger through rage or violence behavior, but this is just a temporary release of adrenaline which pumps us up. The irrational nature of rage and [...]

Using Validation to Promote Change for Children

Many parents struggle with determining the most effective way to respond when their child is distressed and provide validation. Sometimes what might feel like the best response can actually make the situation worse. The scenario below highlights such a situation: David is 15 years old and later his parents have noticed him acting out in [...]

Communication Skills: Being Right Vs Happy

Maybe you’ve had this experience: a friend, relative or significant other makes a complaint about something you did, and all of a sudden you are in a no-holds-barred war of words. It is very common for simple complaints to turn into a win/lose power struggle. Many times when we get into these situations, the importance [...]


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