Americans at the moment are inundated with information from the media and various social media sources about the Covid-19 virus. Although they are good sources, it can also become detrimental and can cause panic within us.Thus staying calm during covid-19 is a challenge for most Americans.

We are well informed about the Covid-19 and the effects it currently has in the world, including Americans. We are in the troughs of this pandemic right now. No doubt we need to know but too much information can cause an alarm for “chaos.” Particularly since we don’t have a cure right now and the uncertainty as to when it will occur. Emotions are at an all-time high and it’s creating lots of anxiety. More importantly, we are facing a tough financial impact, within the country, which appears to be causing more damage to our psyche.

The natural tendency as humans is to shut down, tense up, and succumb to the “chaos.” But I am suggesting for individuals to do the opposite. It doesn’t mean to stay uninformed and out of touch. However staying calm during covid-19, means we have to seek validation internally rather than externally. It is intangible rather than tangible.

How Does Staying Calm During Covid-19 Work?

• We stay calm, cool, and confident by limiting the information we take in. We all know our threshold and limitation of what we can tolerate. It simply means turning off the television when it gets to be too much for us. Be sure to set boundaries and personal space for yourselves. If we continue to take in constant information about this virus from the media and social media, fear can only set in our minds. We have the ability to make decisions as to what we want to watch or read. You have to determine whether or not the information helps you or helps to tear down your trust in yourself.

• Fear is also a mobilizing force that can cripple our true selves. By no means do we deny the problems that are happening right now in America and around the world are not real. But the question we have to ask ourselves is whether or not we are living our day to day lives under the effects of fear. If the answer is yes, then you must be able to do something to conquer it. Empowering ourselves give us the confidence to own up to our fears.

• Trust your instincts and connect with family and friends who are positive. The common ground we share is “we are all in it together.” Do not isolate. The more you disconnect from people, the more your reality appears grim.

• Incorporate social activities that are safe to do at the moment. It may sound cliché, but exercise is good for the soul. It doesn’t have to be a typical exercise routine but movement, in general, is good for your physical well being. Here are a few exercises one can do from the comfort of their own home.

• Your faith and spirituality can also play an important role in how you view this current “chaos.” This could look and mean differently to each of us. But it can be a comfort, especially since certain things are out of our control at the moment.

• Lastly, seek control within your means. We should set new norms for ourselves even when things are spiraling out of control. As Americans we have proven in the past we can get through difficult situations in “time”. However, it is not “time” that will help us. It is what we do during this “time” to help ourselves.

• Consider seeking help from a Mental Health Therapist.  Staying calm during covid-19 can be extremely mentally taxing. We all need a fresh perspective at times and a Therapist will always be in your corner. They motivate and help you determine if the path you are on is the one that is truly best for you. In good times and bad, a Therapist is there to help you succeed in every area of your life.

Let Specialized Therapy Associates bring calm, cool, and confidence to your life today and experience the invigoration of truly connecting with yourself during these difficult times. You can call 201 – 488 – 6678 to set up an appointment.