Substance Abuse Therapy is a useful tool. In many moments of despair, people often reach for a drink or a pill to ease their comfort. Unfortunately, this is how substance abuse and dependency problems incubate. What was once a social drink with friends, can easily transform into a daily habit – especially when someone is struggling with financial, relationship, or family issues. If one pill was prescribed to address temporary pain or anxiety, certainly two or three will contribute to more ease and comfort. Again this is the “diseased thinking” of the budding addict or alcoholic. No one really has a direct problem with drinking, they do have a problem with thinking – which tells them that one more drink, pill, bet, cookie, or purchase will take care of their discomfort.

The great benefit of individual and group substance abuse therapy at Specialized Therapy Associates is that we can address both your goal to stay sober AND your need to explore the stress, pain, and fear of what is irritating you. The benefits of staying sober (abstinent) from all mood-altering substances are linked to peace of mind, physical well being, emotional balance, and relationships of mutual respect.

The substance abuse program at STA offers a variety of individually tailored treatments for each person, including therapy for the family members of the identified patient. Codependency programs are designed to enhance and support personal growth and overcome the losses and deficits in relationships, work, and productivity that the disease of addiction caused.

The best part of being in a group is that you can attend individual sessions and participate in relapse prevention groups as well. In groups, you will learn that you are not alone with your situation and there is hope. Group therapy provides creativity, support, education, and problem-solving. We help you to live in the solution, rather than the problem. We not only talk about self-esteem, communication skills, and goal setting, but we also help you to become motivated in order to action to face your fears and improve your life, one day at a time.

If you think you might be ready to take the next step and participate in Substance Abuse Therapy/Treatment at Specialized Therapy Associates, please call 201-488-6678.