Self-Talk and Giving your Power Away

If you are prone to engage in negative self-talk, then guess what, you are probably suffering from anxiety, panic attacks and some type of fear based thinking. By the repetition of statements that are negative, opinions, and distorted thinking you are causing yourself to be stuck and paralyzed every day of your life. Remember, what we say to in our heads, to ourselves, can affect our feelings and moods. This dialogue we are having with ourselves cause stress, fear and sleepless nights. When the “what if’s” begin, it’s pretty much downhill from there. When you get yourself stuck in an untruth or distorted thought pattern, you give away your power by letting others take advantage of you or letting others possibly feed into the negativity that you already experience.

The first step is being aware of what you are saying to yourself, noticing your thought process and trying to get yourself in a neutral, current moment state of mind. Being in the present moment will help you. If you are particularly anxious, notice 5 things around you and name them, then name 4 things around you, then 3 until you get to 1. Most people who worry a lot have been doing this for years, so do not get frustrated when you cannot control it immediately. You have been doing this for years, it will take some time to unravel your habits. You can never control what pops into your head, but you can control the next thought.

When a negative thought pops in like, “I am never going to find a new job and will be stuck here miserable forever”. The very next thought should be positive and something like this, “ Realistically it takes most people 6-8 months to find a new job, I will find one and I will not give up on myself”. This will be something you have to do all day in the beginning to be on guard and address your negative thoughts. Trust me, it will be worth it when you can accomplish this goal and guess what… you will be happier!
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