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We have some excellent parenting advice for you. Do you ever wonder what kids Birthday parties are about? Is it a show? Who will do it better? Is it a social event for the parents or is it really about a group of 6 years old running around and eating pizza and cake?

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I sometimes wonder how much preparation, time, and resources go into a two-hour event. So why do so many of us still love getting birthday invitations and eagerly, even more, that our kids, look forward to them?

Do our kids really need such lavish parties, when we as adults just have a cake at home for ourselves?

Do we do it for our kids because of peer pressure, wanting them to be as good as other kids in the class?

And when is the right time to do a small celebration with just two friends and immediate family? Does it depend on the kids, or maybe the parents? Are we competing or compensating for our own bad birthdays?

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