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Healing from Domestic Violence: When Love Hurts

Healing from Domestic Violence can be an arduous task. Not long ago, Stephen A. Smith of ESPN made some insensitive, uninformed, and ignorant statements about domestic violence as it pertained to a story about Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice.  When another ESPN anchor, Michelle Beadle, challenged him, Smith fired back a Twitter apology, a “sorry […]

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Back to School, What a New School Year brings

One day I was sitting in a food court around 4 pm, and a boy about ten years old walked up to a table where his uncle and another man were sitting not too far from where I was. The boy greeted his uncle who then asked him what he had learned in school that day. […]

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Going Back to School and How to Make it Fun

Why do so many kids say they don’t want to go back to school? When I talk to kids, why do they all say that lunchtime, recess, or seeing friends is their favorite part? And why don’t kindergarten kids get playtime anymore?
Play is a child’s work. We need to allow children time to play. Play […]

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Detox Summit – August 4-11, 2014

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Environmental toxins can be found in what you eat, drink, breathe, feel and think. You may not be aware of toxins, but if you want to be healthy, being educated on the latest in toxins is a must! Chronic conditions, like type […]

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Dialectical Behavioral Therapy an Introduction

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy was first introduced in the late 1980s. Marsha Linehan’s Text and workbooks were introduced to therapists who struggle to make and maintain progress with hard to reach clients. Many of these clients come from backgrounds of significant neglect. I have been applying the different parts of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, or DBT,  since […]

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Seeking Therapy for the First Time

How do you know when it is time to see a therapist? The general rule of thumb is that it is always better to seek therapy at the first signs of a problem or issue. It is clearly documented that people who seek treatment do so at the latter stages of their disorder. They often […]

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New Year’s Resolution: How to Make Them Stick

Every year most of us begin with a New Year’s Resolution. The most common is to change the bad habits that we have accumulated over many many years of practice: lack of exercise, poor eating habits, smoking, etc…We are motivated and have good intentions but unfortunately, most of us fail to make any real change.

People […]

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See Yourself in a Group?

See Yourself in a Group? Group therapy is one of the most widely used forms of therapy to initiate and sustain change. Although individual therapy is more popular and the most frequently requested type of therapy, group therapy has substantial benefits that are often overlooked.

Group therapy is practiced within various orientations as is individual therapy. […]

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Hackensack Therapy Office | Psychologists

Specialized Therapy Associates – Hackensack Therapy Office
 Hackensack Office83 Summit AveHackensack, NJ 07601201-488-6678201-488-6224 – fax Our Hackensack Therapy Office, located in Bergen County, New Jersey is conveniently located off of Route 4. Only 8 miles from the George Washington Bridge makes our office a convenient location for those coming from New York City.

Specialized Therapy Associates, LLC (STA) […]

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Emotional Eating: Guide to Weight loss

Emotional Eating has lead to Obesity. It has reached epidemic proportions with 3.8 million people weighing over 300 lbs. and approximately 65% of Americans are overweight. Childhood obesity has more than tripled in two decades. The average adult female weighs 163lbs. The Center for Disease Control reports that in 2006 only four states had a […]

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