Why do so many kids say they don’t want to go back to school? When I talk to kids, why do they all say that lunchtime, recess, or seeing friends is their favorite part? And why don’t kindergarten kids get playtime anymore?
Play is a child’s work. We need to allow children time to play. Play gives children a forum to learn concepts, develop creativity, develop social skills and mediate. Play allows children to role play, and stretch or change the roles they play. How often do we all see children playing house, school, or going to work? Children learn gender roles through play and further their social skills, learn to share, develop the close relationship of a BFF. Play is good stress management – even for adults who need their own R&R time after a long day of multitasking.
In school, children often have to focus on tasks for long periods of time. Playtime is a nice break. How many adults would want to go to work and never get a coffee break or moment to chat with a friend. Yet this is often what we ask of children throughout the school day. Although school is a child’s work, everyone deserves a break. So keep in mind as a parent or caretaker of children, that while the structure in education or sports is good, the benefits of play make it a valuable activity in and of itself. Going back to school is important, and going out to play is important too!

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