Communication is Key


BY: Rhoda Ondov

Communication is central to our interaction with others. It allows us to understand and be understood. The word itself comes from the Latin for “common” and “sharing.” It is the foundation of Marriage and Family Therapy, which holds the systemic view that we are a part of a web of relationships.

In its most […]

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Using Validation to Promote Change for Children

Many parents struggle with determining the most effective way to respond when their child is distressed and provide validation. Sometimes what might feel like the best response can actually make the situation worse. The scenario below highlights such a situation:
David is 15 years old and later his parents have noticed him acting out in an […]

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Keys to Communication

While there are several factors that contribute to a healthy relationship, communication is key to maintaining and strengthening a relationship. Sometimes, we can face turbulence in our relationships when we struggle with stress, mental health disorders, or addiction. Without effective communication, all relationships, whether adults or adolescents, are at risk for conflicts. Maintaining our relationships with our significant others, […]