Domestic Violence

It's sometimes difficult to tell the difference between a relationship that's unhealthy or dysfunctional, as opposed to a relationship that's abusive.  Unfortunately, many people misinterpret signs and symptoms of domestic violence, or or turn away with the belief that "it's none of my business".  Domestic violence is serious and sometimes fatal, and it's something we [...]

The Psychological Maltreatment of Children

I think that most often when people think of abuse, they generally think of physical battering.  They imagine scars, bruises, scratches, and perhaps broken bones.  There are negative impacts resulting from physical abuse that last longer than the physical wounds.  However, what gets lost in the discussion of abuse is that of emotional neglect and [...]

The Holiday Blues: Deal with Holiday Induced Stress

Many of us think of the "holidays" as a time for family, friends, fun, and laughter.  The summer holidays are especially great times to barbeque, attend parades, and watch fireworks.  However, holidays are not always fun and happy occasions - and some refer to this as "the holiday blues". For people who have survived a [...]

Anxiety and stress: Imagined Reality vs Reality

Anxiety and stress can affect how we perceive reality. We all react to our “imagined reality” of a situation, not the “reality” of it. Imagined reality is our perception of something. If you think that people are thinking negatively about you, you react as if they are in fact thinking negatively about you. This is [...]

Avoidance and Procrastination

Avoidance and Procrastination is something a lot of people experience. Have you ever struggled to start something you’ve been avoiding for a long time? Often anxiety is at the root of our procrastination. The act of avoidance initially provides relief to our feelings of anxiety but soon makes the task we are avoiding seem that [...]


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