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Panic Attack: Don’t Panic! It’s Just Panic

Those who have experienced a panic attack would undeniably agree that it is not something that one would ever like to re-experience.  Panic is very real, and when the whole experience is new and strange, it can be terrifying.  When it’s one's first panic attack, that appears to have ‘come out of nowhere’, it is [...]

Are you in touch with your Authentic Self?

Authenticity There are so many influences in life that affect our thoughts, feelings, actions, and choices we make, that we often lose sight of our own identity.  To be authentic means representing one’s true nature or beliefs.  Many of use lose track of who we are authentically because we have tried so hard to be [...]

How Childhood Trauma Effects the Brain

Experiencing trauma It is our experiences in life that shape who we are and how we see the world.    Everything that we believe about ourselves, about others, and about the world in general is learned through our personal experiences.  It is therefore not surprising that experiencing chronic trauma during childhood leaves deep marks.  The effects [...]


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