Four Ways to Reduce the Physical Sensations of Anger

Anger is an energizing emotion that comes with unpleasant physical sensations. Since anger is a part of our body’s natural defense system, these physical sensations help prepare the body to take what are perceived to be life-saving actions. The physical sensations that accompany anger (increased heart rate, increased respiration, tensed muscles, tightness in the jaw, […]

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Forgiveness: Should I Forgive or Not Forgive?

What is forgiveness?

Forgiveness is a conscious decision to let go of feelings of anger or resentment harbored toward a person who has committed a wrong.

•    When forgiving, it is not necessary that one also reconciles with the offender who caused hurt or harm.  It is possible to forgive someone without minimizing or denying the offense committed.
•    When […]

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Managing Anger, not letting it manage you

Strategies for managing anger are not “quick fixes” but a deep and meaningful process to use overtime to address the pain and hurt underneath anger. Often individuals feel relief from anger through rage or violence behavior, but this is just a temporary release of adrenaline which pumps us up. The irrational nature of rage and […]

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