Trauma and the Body

"Befriend Not Obliterate Emotions" Trauma reorganizes our minds, brains, bodies, and perceptions. It alters not just how we think or the content of our thoughts, but also our capacity to think at all. After trauma, the world is experienced through a different lens. A person who carries trauma can become focused on suppressing what they [...]

Emotional Suffering: Using Mindfulness to Help

Everyone at some point in time experiences distressing emotions. It could be related to the loss of a job, a relationship, a changed lifestyle or even having a new president. Often, the strategies we use to manage these feelings do not help. Some people try to avoid their feelings by distracting themselves with other activities [...]

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy an Introduction

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy was first introduced in the late 1980s. Marsha Linehan's Text and workbooks were introduced to therapists who struggle to make and maintain progress with hard to reach clients. Many of these clients come from backgrounds of significant neglect. I have been applying the different parts of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, or DBT,  since [...]


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