More than one-third of all adult Americans are classified as obese; more than double the percentage 30 years ago. Childhood obesity has tripled during that time to 17 percent. Diets have failed to stem to tide because they do not address a key component of obesity.

Quite frankly, many of us are addicted to processed foods. This weight loss and wellness program is modeled after the neuroscience of brain chemistry, mood and emotional eating research findings. Participants learn about food, both good and bad, and how it affects your brain and your body.

With this program you’ll be able to:

  • Establish a connection between caloric intake and your feelings.
  • Eliminate the feeling of shame in regards to food consumption.
  • Recognize how nutrients affect the body, the brain, and your overall health.
  • Follow a step by step process to eliminate the most damaging foods first, then working towards the most challenging.
  • Employ strategies to overcome noncompliance, urges and cravings.
  • Stay motivated by tracking progress in numerous areas including weight loss, self-image, energy and sex-life.
  • Address underlying causes such as depression, anxiety and family issues and relationships.

Individual coaching is provided to compel long term success and eliminate poor food and behavior choices.

“My eating is under control for once in my life and I don’t have cravings. Thank you so much.”
Danielle W.

All participants are given the following guarantee:
If you don’t learn one action step that will influence or change your behavior in our workshop, we will give you two hours of individual coaching for free.