Many careers now require a degree beyond that of the traditional four-year program. From nurses to police officers, psychologists and teachers, a Master’s degree or higher is either mandatory or necessary for career advancement. This is also the time of life when continuing education impacts the need and desire to begin a career, family or both. Balance of the motivation to perform in an even more demanding academic environment and the burgeoning demands of a successful life requires awareness and guidance. The Academic Success program will:

  • Emphasize the value of coaching as a form of mentorship
  • Offer strategies to balance work, family and a continuing education
  • Help you cultivate a realistic plan for advancing your career
  • Suggest strategies for choosing the best program to meet your needs

Completing the Academic Success program will help you develop:

  • Techniques of time management and budgeting
  • Career plans that are realistic for you
  • An understanding of how to develop the student-faculty relationship
  • An awareness of your own needs for study in a multi-tasking environment
  • The decision when and where to go back to school
  • Career and life planning
  • The ability to handle a greater degree of stress
  • A coaching relationship which will be of benefit throughout your educational experience

After completion of the Academic Success program, your student will have learned:

  • How to develop their own motivation to succeed
  • How to develop better emotional control and insight
  • How to cope with peer pressure
  • How to communicate more effectively with parents and teachers
  • How to prepare for college, both academically and interpersonally
  • How to develop self-discipline
  • How to manage time more effectively
  • How to balance social and academic needs
“You provided the tools that I needed to work through my fears and complete the work. I am happy to say that I have finished all four courses and I have earned my degree thanks to your qualified care.”
Deidra V.

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