Richard Drew, Ph.D. is one of the familiar faces at Specialized Therapy Associates, having worked here for nine years. He has over twenty five years of treating people in therapy.

He works with children, adolescents, adults in individual therapy and married couples. For over a dozen years he has specialized in treating children and adults with ADHD. For the past five years he has also focused on treating children and adults with OCD.

He also works with people suffering from other anxiety disorders, depression and those having difficulty managing their way through stressful situations. People relate positively to his warm and humorous manner.

He works in a cognitive-behavioral style, that is to say, helping people identify and change unhelpful ways of thinking and dealing directly with behaviors that can be changed through specific techniques of demonstrated efficacy. Many people have come back to Dr. Drew for a second period of treatment when they need help dealing with a new difficulty in their lives.