The U.S. Department of Education estimates that the traditionally four year Bachelor’s degree now usually takes six years. Co-ops and internships lengthen the process and require that the student handle even more responsibility and influences. Retention of students constitutes a further problem: statistics show that only 55% of freshmen entering a college degree program will finish that program. Lack of academic discipline, the failure to function independently away from parental guidance, and the lack of experience in balancing a heavier workload and the all-important investment in the college can all contribute to a rough beginning and potential poor performance. Your investment as parents is significant. You want to see your student excel. Students want to build a successful foundation for a career and enjoy what is for many the first real period of independence. This blending of education and social involvement is sometimes difficult to achieve. Among other topics, the Academic Success program addresses:

  • Motivation and consistent performance
  • The role of non-academic influences on education
  • The importance of faculty mentoring
  • Independence and assuming responsibility

When the Academic Success program is completed, the student will have experience with:

  • Time management and time budgeting
  • Making and keeping deadlines
  • The importance of establishing a connection with the college
  • Balancing the demands of an independent and social life with an academic career
  • Making and evaluating goals and plans
  • Working with faculty to make a path toward a career
  • How to keep your degree plan on target
  • The value of coaching as a continuing resource

After completion of the Academic Success program, your student will have learned:

  • How to develop their own motivation to succeed
  • How to develop better emotional control and insight
  • How to cope with peer pressure
  • How to communicate more effectively with parents and teachers
  • How to prepare for college, both academically and interpersonally
  • How to develop self-discipline
  • How to manage time more effectively
  • How to balance social and academic needs
“Thanks to STA my daughter got accepted into an Ivy League college and is doing really well.”
Mrs. J.

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