The disease management program is based on the research finding that good psychological health fully impacts the healing process. The Practice Directorate of the American Psychological Association has issued a statement that “health psychology has proven to be an effective component in the treatment of physical illnesses which devastate many Americans, including cardiovascular disease, cancer, HIV and diabetes”.

STA’s disease management program is designed to work with your physician’s recommendations to assist you with making all the necessary lifestyle and dietary changes to maximize your health and healing process. Psychological and emotional factors affect your physical state and body’s functioning. STA’s program addresses whatever emotional issues may be impeding your progress and compliance to a healthy program. The program is very motivational and strives to help you achieve the best you can for yourself and for your family.

Psychoeducational groups are run to educate you and your family members about the disease and the methods required to help you heal. Support can be provided on an individual or group level. Additional techniques that are very helpful in disease management are biofeedback, family counseling, stress management, hypnosis and chronic pain management.

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