L-Theanine: The relaxant that improves brain function, reduces anxiety and enhances cognitive abilities

L-Theanine (γ-glutamylethylamide), is an amino acid predominantly found in green tea. It has been shown to affect brain functions by relieving stress disorders, improving mood, and maintaining normal sleep. Many products enriched in L-theanine are available in the market today. However, the question remains whether L-Theanine really has any beneficial effect on the human body. [...]

Can daily exercise enhance neurogenesis, brain plasticity, and improve brain function?

Although it’s a well-known fact that daily exercise can improve various physical and psychological health parameters; neuroplasticity, brain recovery, and improvement of brain function in relation to regular exercise have been a hot topic of research in the past few years. Neuroplasticity or brain plasticity is an ability of the brain by which growth and [...]

Benefits of Caffeine: How Caffeine Improves Brain Function and Activity

Take a guess! What do you think is the most popular psychoactive drug in the whole wide world?! Well, its Caffeine. Coffee has been the staple non-alcoholic beverage of America since Captain John Smith, the founder of the first English settlement: colony of Virginia, introduced it here after his visits to Turkey. Back then in [...]


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