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Postpartum Depression and Psychosis: The Monster that’s much more than just Baby Blues

Postpartum Depression and Psychosis: The Monster that’s much more than just Baby Blues

Ishtiak Ahmed Chowdhury

Tags: Postpartum depression, PPD, Infant care, Child birth, Infant development, Postpartum care, Postpartum psychosis


Postpartum depression (PPD) is not only a major global health concern but also the most ubiquitous complication associated with child birth. According to a review published in 2005, […]

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Benefits of Caffeine: How Caffeine Improves Brain Function and Activity

Ishtiak Ahmed Chowdhury

Tags: Brain, Brain activity, Brain function, Dopamine, Serotonin, Adenosine antagonist, Coffee benefits, Caffeine benefits, Benefits of caffeine, Psychoactive drug

 Take a guess! What do you think is the most popular psychoactive drug in the whole wide world?!

Coffee has been the staple non-alcoholic beverage of America since Captain John Smith, the founder of the first […]

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Functional Medicine for Depression: Could Functional Medicine be the Ultimate Solution?

By Ishtiak Ahmed Chowdhury

Tags: Functional medicine for depression, Functional medicine, Depression, Mental health, Major depressive disorder, SSRI, DSM-V, TSH, Gut microbiome

A latest report released by Mental Health America (MHA) in 2021 states that around 10 percent of the youth population in the United States suffer from severe major depression. Additionally, based on a 2016 study, […]

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