(Target Age Group: Adults 18 & up)

Target diagnosis/cause: Not required for behavioral addictions but typical is Substance Use Disorder for Addiction Program. Codependency program can be anything.

Purpose: To provide therapeutic services to individuals at risk for &/or currently diagnosed with a substance use disorder (includes cross addictions), as well as individuals seeking recovery from codependency.

Rationale: Addiction is a family disease where everyone has a dysfunctional role to play. Individuals who suffer with &/or are at risk for a substance use disorders or cross addictions, often can maintain abstinence but do not know how to live sober, productive lives beyond putting down the drugs or alcohol. During the process of recovery from Addiction, the other members of the household are typically infected with the disease of Codependency as well. Even if they do not become alcoholics/addicts themselves, they take on other compulsive behaviors and struggle with enabling the alcoholic/addicts in their life and engaging in enmeshed, dysfunctional relationships with emotionally unavailable people due to their fear of abandonment. In many cases, Codependency is also possible without the presence of addiction. By providing a non-judgmental therapeutic environment with a clinician who specializes in addiction & codependency, all individuals effected either personally or vicariously by addiction and codependency will be able develop the tools necessary to live in recovery, experience freedom from self defeating behaviors and last but not least, how to form and maintain meaningful and loving relationships.